Disturbingly Violent Videos Show People Forcibly Taken Into Quarantine Over In Wuhan

The Coronavirus problem is really getting out of control.

I’ve already written one story about the Coronavirus today and it looks like there are gonna be at least a couple more as more disturbing details about its spread around the world continue to emerge.

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We’re over at ground zero for this one over in Wuhan where more disturbing and concerning videos have emerged of the situation over there. President Xi Jinping has ordered a social media crackdown so that the problems that are currently going on in the country and their attempts to contain the virus aren’t exposed to the world, so a lot of videos you can see below are unverified and it’s kind hard to determine whether they’re real or not.

However the ones below come from Jennifer Zeng, a human rights activist who you would like to think is providing the correct information, although the videos raise more questions than they answer. They show people being dragged away kicking and screaming to hospitals by people in hazmat suits, hospitals with bars on the windows, bars being built inside someone’s house to keep them contained inside and people getting beaten up for not observing the traffic ban.

Take a look and see what you think:

Jesus that really is like something out of a movie where the government is using whatever dystopian methods they can to stop the outbreak of a killer virus isn’t it? I suppose it’s important to remember hat these videos aren’t verified but even so, they actually exist so they’re happening somewhere in China at some point and that’s not a good look either. Pretty fucking scary if anything.

For more coronavirus, here’s the infected count in the UK doubling overnight. Ugh.


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