Footage Of Terrified Dolphin Trying To Save Itself From Japanese Fishermen Is The Absolute Worst

This is just unbelievable and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Anyone who’s seen the 2009 documentary ‘The Cove’ knows that dolphin hunting practices are a real problem in Japan.

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Years later people like Ric O’Barry are still out there in Taiji protesting the barbaric treatment of dolphins, with this footage he captured the other day a telling insight into just how sad the situation is:

As Barry says, he can’t do anything about this as if he goes into the water he’ll be “arrested, put in jail and deported”.

According to The Dolphin Project, up to 17,000 dolphins are killed each year in these hunts. Many of them die via shock on their way to aquariums, others are killed for their meat.

It really is a gruesome time of year – as evidenced by these photos that show the ocean literally turning red at the annual dolphin slaughter last year.


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