Check Out The Most Disgusting Meal Attempts Made By Incredibly High People


When the munchies take over.

We all know what it’s like when you’ve been enjoying a blaze. Unless you’re still in the hardened daily stoner phase, you most likely start to feel the munchies kick in around 15 minutes after your first smoke. And when it does, the need to eat pretty much everything and anything in your surrounding area takes over in a dangerous way.

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Weed and food go together better than salty and sweet, but I’m sure we’ve all been in desperate situations where the cupboards offer nothing more than an array of half-consumed bottles of condiments and some cereal that has somehow survived for five months without sprouting mould. Or we’re faced with a freezer that’s filled with carbs on top of carbs with a bit of added cheese. It’s usually at this time that your culinary skills take the backseat while your creativity grabs hold of the wheel – stoners have an incredible ability to pair and enjoy ingredients that might not have ever even been combined had it not been for the desperation of the munchies.

And speaking from experience, it can end up with some pretty disgusting results. Cheese and chocolate wraps? Go ahead. Mayo and fruit salads? Sounds delicious. As celebration or maybe condemnation for the desperate stoner’s horrific meal choices, we’ve decided to put together the most disgusting combinations we could find. Have you ever indulged in any of these monstrosities?

Sweetcorn bread casserole


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Chow mein wrap


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Pear, mayo and cheese salad


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Ramen wrapped hot dog sausage


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Straight up can of tuna in a bowl


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Waffles and tomato sauce


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Ice cream ramen


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Cheetos and broccoli hotpot


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Spaghetti topped pizza


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Pop tart bacon sandwich


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Spaghetti tacos


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Cheetos topped with melted cheese


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Cheerios with cheese


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And finally, when it all goes wrong and you have to buy food – McDonald’s… on a pizza


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That’s a lot of cheese. And noodles. They seem to be the stoner’s ingredients of choice. I’ve got to admit, some of those didn’t look half bad (hello ramen wrapped hot dog), but whoever made the Cheerios with cheese combo should be ashamed of themselves.

If you find yourself in a tight spot and you can’t even manage any of the meal options above, you could probably use the help of our list of ultimate stoner fast food items you can get for 99p. You’re welcome.


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