Dirty Girls – I Caught Up With The Voices Of A Generation

Dirty Girls

I saw Dirty Girls a few weeks ago and was hooked, watching it over and over before realising I could actually get in touch with these heroes and answer the questions rolling around in my head.

A: I wouldn’t use the word feminist… If I have a message now for women – I’d rather be that woman, less so than being an activist. I just want to be that person – powerful, an entrepreneur. You know all the things that feminists fight for, I want to live my life by that example. I want to be who I am, and I’m in charge.

SC: That’s interesting- because the word ‘feminist’, I’ve struggled with it myself, from denying the term as a whole because it had become something else. But then recently I’ve actually, in a similar way to what you are saying, I’ve stopped trying to debate and argue and force the issue and have realised that I am a feminist, by just being myself. If you look at the essentials of what feminism is, equality and respect. And recently these issues have been coming up again, in a time where it’s really needed. For example the Pussy Riot girls in Russia, whose plight has been noticed all over the world.

A: Yeah I remember hearing about it in the news.

SC: And who are you now, today?

A: The person that I am now, is really… like I said. Every day I wake up charged. And I want to be a boss- and what I mean by that is that if I was to have more money and power it would be to do more amazing things in this world- you know. I took over Lucille Ball’s house and remodelled it, where we held some TED events, we made a national film festival which we’ve now sold. Our family business is that we make a shatter proof wine glass – I guess that’s like my bread and butter right now doing this. I’ve got my hands in various projects – lots of creativity and entrepreneurial projects around me. Also, Michael and I are working on a script.

SC: You’re rocking the world. And I guess my last question would be- Are you still a Dirty Girl?

A: HELL YEAH. For sure. For sure. You gotta keep it real.

It was awesome to get a chance to catch up with Amber and find out that she’s still a Dirty Girl at heart. I’m excited to hear that there are plans to make a longer version of the film, with footage shot today. Amber is now mentoring young girls and hopefully spreading her wisdom and her message to stay you and stay brave.  Most of all, I’m glad to hear that her strength of character is very much drives her today – and that the message of this film is one that could do with spreading. So pass the film on to everyone you know. Check out the Facebook page here to keep in the loop with the project.


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