Twitch Streamer Goes Viral For The Dumbest Reason Ever (NSFW)

I can’t believe this went viral.

In a clip that proves that if a girl is even remotely attractive, people will watch anything they do and share/like/RT the hell out of it, here’s Twitch streamer dinglederper going viral with absolute minimum effort required:

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Did you catch that? Her German shepherd bumped into her and spilled her wine. I can’t believe that clip only got 69,000 ReTweets, 435,000 Likes and 80,000 comments. I mean is that it?

Like I said going viral is infinitely easier when you’re an attractive female. Combine that with a beautiful German shepherd and you’re basically going viral with your eyes closed.

It also looks as though dinglederper has her own patreon account with (potentially) NSFW content for sale, but here’s some frees from around the web:

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And that my friends is what we call journalism.

For more Instagram gamer girls/streamers putting NSFW content all over the internet, click HERE.


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