RIP Diesel The Police Dog Killed In The France Terror Raids This Morning

The bravest dog in the world died today.

You’ll probably have heard by now that French special forces raided a flat in Saint-Denis at 4:25am this morning in search of Abdelhamid Abaaoud — the alleged mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks.

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Tragically, seven-year-old Belgian shepherd (or Malinois as they’re know) was killed after being sent into the flat first to assess the level of danger before police followed.

Reports suggest Diesel was killed when a woman, said to be Abaaoud’s jihadi bride, fired an AK47 at police before blowing herself up with a suicide belt.

Police said that five people in the flat and apartment block were taken alive and arrested while two others including the flat’s owner were held ‘nearby’.

RIP Diesel. Obviously it’s great that no human beings died during the raid (well, aside from this jihadi bitch), and we shouldn’t forget that this was probably all down to Diesel heading in there first and basically sacrificing his life. Man’s best friend indeed.

P.S. How much must this suck for the actual terrorists at that flat? All that training, all that time spent planning mass destruction and suicide missions… and the only thing you managed to kill was a dog? Diesel is somewhere up in heaven munching treats and laughing at you.

P.P.S. Just a sad couple weeks for dogs in general – it wasn’t that long ago we said goodbye to Tillman, the skateboarding dog.


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