Die Hard 6 Is In The Works And It’s Going To Be Both An Origin Story And A Sequel

Die Hard

We’re going to hear the story of John McClane before Die Hard even began.

Fox have obviously wanted a new Die Hard movie for a while as it’s one of their biggest franchises, but I doubt any of us would have expected that it would come in the form of a weird sequel/prequel movie.

That’s exactly what’s set to happen though, with talk of a movie that would combine a present day John McClane as well as an origin story detailing his life as a cop before the events of Die Hard. This pitch kind of comes across as a movie that would feature Bruce Willis telling a story about his younger days to someone in the present whilst it’s acted out in the past. Kind of like a Die Hard version of The Wonder Years or something.

Presumably there would also be some kind of action plot in the future, so we can see a sweaty old Bruce Willis running around shooting stuff too. You kind of get the feeling that an old foe from McClane’s time on the streets of New York has come back to target him forty years later (obviously something someone would do) and he’ll have to recount the tale of how he defeated him in the past whilst simultaneously doing it in the present. Not really sure how they’re going to spin that one, but it’s Die Hard so I suppose it doesn’t actually have to be that realistic.

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Die Hard

Len Wolinski – who directed Die Hard 4.0 which was surprisingly good – is attached to direct and obviously Bruce Willis is going to be in it, so now all we have to do is wait for a script to be finalised and find someone to play a young John McClane. Having already played a young Bruce Willis in Looper (which completely sucked and here’s why), the smart money would be on Joseph Gordon Levitt, but it’s probably going to be at least a year before we get anywhere near casting.

Still, this is an exciting development and might provide a worthwhile bookend to the Die Hard saga, especially after Die Hard V (or A Good Day To Die Hard) was so crap.


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