The New Tagline To The New Die Hard Is Almost As Bad As Its Title

A Good Day To Die Hard

John McClane is back and headed to Moscow, with a couple of terrible taglines and subtitles in tow.

A Good Day To Die Hard

Ages and ages and ages ago on Sick Chirpse we revealed that there was going to be a fifth movie in the Die Hard franchise and it was going to be called A Good Day To Die Hard, which is probably an even worse title than Live Free Or Die Hard, which I’m pretty certain was what Die Hard 4.0 was called in America for some reason. Not sure why they changed it for its release over here but whatever, it’s cool because Die Hard 4.0 is a much superior title when compared to Live Free or Die Hard.

Anyway, the link above gives you a lot of info about the movie but basically somehow John McClane and his estranged son become involved in some ridiculous plot to break some weird Russian tyrant out of a Russian prison which sounds a bit meh but I’m sure being a Die Hard movie there will be a lot of explosions and funny bits and John McClane will be a sick motherfucker. I mean who even really knows the plot to any of the Die Hard movies but they’re still fvcking sick right? With the fifth Die Hard movie set in Russia though, one really obvious (and kind of lame) tagline immediately comes to mind, but I’m pretty sure that most people would have discounted it because although it’s kind of cute it’s also really lame and not really badass enough for a Die Hard movie. Unfortunately, the producers of the Die Hard franchise didn’t agree and so this poster was revealed over the weekend:

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Yippe Ki Yay Mother Russsia

Which, like I said is kind of funny/cute but also doesn’t really make sense and is also really lame. I really hope John McClane isn’t shouting that when he blows some Russian dweeb’s head off in Die Hard 5. I’m going with Die Hard 5 because A Good Day To Die Hard is just too annoying to type out every time, especially with all those capital letters too. Here’s the latest trailer to Die Hard 5, which awesomely is still scheduled to come out on Valentine’s Day next year, which practically guarantees the death of at least 75% of all heterosexual relationships in North America:

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