It Looks Like ‘Rage Against The Machine’ Might Be Making A Comeback

Rage Against The Machine

Something is definitely going on.

In the past few days, rumours have been running rampant that legendary rock band ‘Rage Against The Machine’ might be reforming – whether this is for a run of shows or a new record is currently unknown, but it definitely seems like something is going on with them. Let’s take a look at the evidence first.

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The first point of interest is that they’ve just made themselves a new website over at and it allegedly had a countdown on it which was due to end on June 1st. Unfortunately if you go on it now though the bandwidth has been exceeded, so you can’t actually see that. I’m sure nobody is making it up though.

That’s a pretty big clue that something big is going to be happening on June 1st on its own (provided it’s true of course), but to add fuel to the fire, these posters have also been appearing all over Los Angeles hyping the new website. You know, like the famous ‘Rage Against The Machine’ album The Battle Of Los Angeles?

It’s also interesting to note at this point that Prophets Of Rage is the name of a song by ‘Public Enemy’, who are known buddies of Rage. And what has ‘Public Enemy’ frontman Chuck D been tweeting recently? Of course, ‘Rage Against The Machine’ videos:

I mean I suppose he could be listening to them, but this all seems like a little bit too much of a coincidence doesn’t it? It seems like something is definitely going down between the two, whether it be a collabo album or collabo world tour. I’m hoping for the former of the two but I would probably rather both were happening because that would be fucking awesome, there’s no denying that.

Until June 1st though this is all speculation. Let’s hope our expectations are met in a couple of weeks.

Remember what happened when ‘Rage Against The Machine’ played a small town in the middle of nowhere?


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