Here’s The Trailer To New Action Movie ‘Desert Strike’ Starring Mike Tyson & The Mountain From Game Of Thrones

Never has something seemed so terrible yet so must-watch.

Sometimes a “bad” movie comes along that is an absolute must-watch despite being technically awful, and 2021’s ‘Desert Strike’ looks like it’s going to be that type of movie.

I mean anytime two elite level alphas like Mike Tyson and The Mountain from Game of Thrones team up to make an action film with a name like ‘Desert Strike’, it’s not even a matter of wanting to watch it, you just have to watch it:

Wow. Never has something seemed so terrible yet so must-watch at the same time. It seems like a skit for a fake movie or the kind of movie you’d see playing in a real movie, not an actual full-length film that an entire crew went to the effort of producing. Guaranteed to be god-awful but somehow we’re still going to love every minute of it.

The only issue I have with it really is that you’ve got two of the toughest SOBs on the planet with guns in their hands. If you’re going to do Mike Tyson Vs Hafthor Bjornsson, surely it needs to be a proper fist fight/brawl with no weapons involved. Just have Tyson punching people up while The Mountain picks them up and launches them across the screen. Aside from that – guaranteed to be a true cinematic masterpiece for the ages.

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