Deliveroo Is Launching An ‘Eat In To Help Out’ Scheme From September 1st

The month of takeaways.

I don’t think there’s any denying that the government’s ‘Eat In To Help Out’ scheme has been  phenomenal success with restaurants all over the country packing themselves out with people from Monday – Wednesday all through the month of August.

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There’s no surprise then that many people have called for the government to continue it indefinitely – although that’s obviously a lot easier said than done – and some restaurants are even extending it for a bit themselves, but Deliveroo have obviously swept in to take advantage of the situation by starting their own ‘Eat IN To Help Out’ scheme. See what they did there?

Here’s what Deliveroo founder Will Shu said about the new initiative:

Deliveroo is passionate about supporting local restaurants, who are central to our business and to so many high streets across the UK.

Our restaurant partners play a vital role in our economy, just as they do people’s everyday lives, bringing people the food they love.

We know they have been hit hard recently, and we hope Our Eat IN to Help Out scheme can play a part in helping their businesses through this difficult period.

Deliveroo will offer £5 off the price of any orders over £20. Here are the codes you’ll have to use for each section of the month:

1-2 September: EATIN1
7-9 September: EATIN2
14-16 September: EATIN3
21-23 September: EATIN4
28-30 September: EATIN5

Pretty sweet idea of them really I suppose. Get ready for a month of takeaways I guess.

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