This Deleted Scene From IT Makes The Movie Even Creepier And More Gruesome


It revolves around psycho Henry Bowers.

It was one of the most successful movies of last year and rightfully so as it displayed almost the perfect combination of horror and comedy to create one of the most enchanting movies of the year.

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Ever since its release though, there has been a lot of talk about the deleted scenes that were omitted from the final cut of the movie. Although most people are interested about the one where Pennywise eats a baby, this other one has found its way onto the internet ahead of their official inclusion in the DVD of the film, and it’s all kinds of gruesome and creepy.

You can watch the scene below, but it basically features a bloodied up Henry Bowers stalking The Losers Club in his car, alongside his two mates Belch and Victor whose throats he has just slit. Brutal:

Yeah, that really does add a whole new level to Bowers’ creepiness and to be fair he’s pretty damn creepy in the actual movie as well. The kid’s definitely got some issues and this extra scene really does serve to highlight just how insane he went during the movie.

Not sure why it was cut to be honest, especially considering the movie was always going to be a 15, but hey I’m not a director so what do I know? Seems like it did pretty well without it anyhow.

If you want to know more about It’s deleted scenes, then click here. That one about Pennywise eating the baby sure sounds rough.


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