Dele Alli Had The Perfect Quarantine Birthday Party: Twister, PS4 Controller Cake & Model Girlfriend

Best birthday ever.

It’s a tough time for anyone celebrating a birthday these days – having to spend it quarantined at home all alone, with a couple family members or housemates if you’re lucky. But even then – it’s not a proper birthday, is it?

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Well one quarantine birthday boy I don’t feel sorry for is Tottenham Hotspur player Dele Alli. He turned 24 in London the other day and I’ve gotta be honest – his birthday party looked absolutely sick:

Solo Twister? I could take it or leave it. But that PS4 controller cake is just awesome and delicious-looking. Not to mention it looked like he treated himself to a BBQ in the garden and a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey as well. OK that photo of him sat alone at the table with just his red cup is pretty sad, but he was probably just catching some downtime from all the other awesome stuff he was doing.

A birthday to remember no doubt. But the greatest part was who he actually spent his birthday with – model girlfriend Ruby Mae. Not sure why she didn’t play Twister with him but I’m sure they had a great time all the same:

For a look at the 22-year-old gamer that Neymar’s mum is currently quarantined with, click HERE. Yikes – bet he’s happy about that (not).


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