Neymar’s Mum, 52, Is Dating A 22-Year-Old Gamer Six Years Younger Than Neymar

Neymar has no choice but to kill him.

PSG’s Neymar is one of the best footballers in the word, is on a contract worth $350 million, and has a certified hottie for a girlfriend. You would think he has the perfect life, but for one thing: his 52-year-old mum is shagging and in love with a 22-year-old gamer.

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This lad is six years younger than Neymar, and does shit like this on TikTok:

Just look at him smooching Neymar’s mum in the garden:

Here’s a better look at Neymar’s mum:

I guess there isn’t much Neymar can do about the fact his mum is getting ploughed by a 22-year-old gamer who’s six years younger than him, especially during quarantine which means he’s probably with her all the time. He’s just going to have to endure the banter in the PSG locker room and online as well. Unless… he pays some Brazilian favela boys to take this lad out? He would probably get away with it too considering how corrupt the justice system is over there. Whatever he does, he needs to do something. I mean watch that TikTok again and tell me you’d be OK with that dude banging your mum. Doesn’t matter if he’s the nicest, most respectful kid around, you just simply wouldn’t be having it.

Or maybe Neymar is just so content with his own situation that he doesn’t mind the banter if it means his mum is happy. After all, look at the lass he’s quarantined with:

If this Tiago Ramos fella goes missing though, I think we’ll know what happened.

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