A Deepfake Version Of The Queen Will Deliver This Year’s Channel 4 Christmas Message

2020 just keeps on coming.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more ridiculous and stupid, Channel 4 are actually getting a Deep Fake version of The Queen to deliver their alternative Christmas message.

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Previous versions of Channel 4’s Christmas message have been presented by the likes of Katie Piper, Adam Hills and Danny Dyer, but this one has been filmed by actress Debra Stephenson and will have the Queen’s face superimposed over hers when it’s broadcast on television. Topics covered will include the rise of TikTok, Prince Philip, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Boris Johnson, so at least it will be on point even if it’s delivered by an imposter.

You can watch the trailer for it below:

Lol. I guess it’s kind of funny that Channel 4 have actually decided to roll with a Deep Fake of the Queen for one of their biggest spots of original content in the year and have decided to justify it by saying that they’re doing it to give viewers a ‘stark comdeic warning’ about fake news in the digital age. Sure guys, sure.

Predictably, the broadcaster has faced a bit of a backlash for the decision with the BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchel saying that the imitation of the Queen wasn’t even a good one:

The voice sounds what it is – a rather poor attempt to impersonate her. What makes it troubling is the use of video technology to attempt to sync her lips to the words being spoken.

Sassy. Anyway, this could be the start of a new era of people deep faking celebrities to convey whatever messages they want to get out there on national television. Remember where you were when it started.

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