Keanu Reeves Stars In ‘Scarface’ In Unreal Deepfake Video

Welcome to the future of AI.

We’ve written a little bit about Samsung’s deepfake technology before and how it has the potential to create cool and fun content but also how easily it can be abused in the wrong hands.

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Well here’s an example of how impressively the deepfake technology is coming along. As featured by Nerdist, say hello to this little video of Keanu Reeves replacing Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface:

Pretty nuts right? Aside from the fact that we would absolutely watch a full on Scarface remake starring Keanu Reeves, the rate at which deepfake technology is improving is kinda concerning. Just imagine what will happen with the inevitable deepfake app on smartphones; you’ll have millions of people making scandalous videos of each other and all they’ll need is one picture of you to do it. In a few years time it will be you starring in Scarface, or Coronation Street, or transgender porn, or whatever your mates decide you will star in.

In the meantime, we may as well enjoy some of the other videos showing how deepfakes are progressing. Here’s another one with Keanu as Bruce Lee:

Steve Buscemi as Jennifer Lawrence – nightmare fuel:

Another one showing how it all works:

For more deepfake videos including Albert Einstein and Rasputin singing Beyonce songs, click HERE.


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