The Five Deadliest Killing Sprees In History

Michael Douglas

What happens when you mix pissed-off weirdos with readily available firearms? A whole lot of bloodshed…

2. William Unek

Killing Spree

Comparatively little is known about the life of William Unek, even his date of birth. What we do know is that he was a cop, and he is also notable for committing not just one, but two killing sprees. The first took place in the Belgian Congo in 1954, where he killed 21 people with an axe before fleeing the country.

Apparently that wasn’t enough murder for old Bill, so on February 11, 1957, he stole a rifle and a bunch of ammo from work, dusted off his axe and, still wearing his police uniform, set about murdering the occupants of Malampaka village in a variety of grisly ways. He shot ten men, eight women and eight children, dismembered another five men with an axe, stabbed one man to death with a knife, burned two women alive, and strangled a teenage girl. So he was nothing if not versatile.

After going on the run for nine days, Unek was discovered hiding out in a house two miles from the village. When the house caught fire after police threw in a smoke bomb, the unhinged fugitive was severely injured and later succumbed to his wounds in hospital. He had killed a combined total of 56 people.

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