This Guy Actually Found A Dead Mouse In His Subway Sandwich (PHOTO)

Subway Sandwich Artist

As if you need another reason not to eat at Subway.

I’ve been saying that Subway is pretty gross for a while now – at least compared to what it was like when there wasn’t one on every street corner of every city in the world – but I didn’t think it would ever get to actually be this disgusting.

But then it got pretty rank the other week when a pregnant woman actually bit into her sandwich to find a shit ton of maggots, and it’s got even worse this week when a guy actually found a dead rat in his sandwich.

This went down up in Oregon in a place called Lincoln. A dude called Jay ordered an Italian sub with some spinach as a topping. He reckoned that the spinach was the last spoonful from the sandwich maker’s bin.

Before he made it to the till, he was luckily able to notice that there was a dead mouse in between the spinach and cheese on his sub. That isn’t any flavour Italian that I’ve ever heard of.

Fortunately nobody ate the Subway and both Jay and his friend Matt Jones – who took the picture you can see above – were given a full refund on their sandwich. The branch also launched a full investigation and got an inspector down from Lincoln County Health Department soon after.

Apparently he performed a thorough run down of the site which determined that there weren’t any dead mice or mouse shit anywhere in the building, and that everyone who ate there that day SHOULD have been OK. It’s thought that the dead mouse got into the spinach at the bagging plant, and wasn’t anything actually to do with the cleanliness of the actual Subway restaurant.

Phew, I was really worried then! I’m sure Jay and Matt will probably be going back to get subs from that Subway real soon now that all that has been cleared up. Seriously though, this was almost certainly an anomaly but even so eating at Subway completely and utterly sucks so I wouldn’t bother doing it in the future – or at least if you do, check out the list of foods that you should never ever order there under any circumstances.


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