Man Utd’s Start Under David Moyes Is Their Worst In 24 Years – Will He End Up Like Everyone On This List?

David Moyes

David Moyes hasn’t had a particularly great start as Manchester United boss… here’s some more guys who got jobs that were quite evidently too big for them.

Employee: Cheryl Cole

Job: X-Factor Panel Judge (in America)

Pressure rating: 6/10 

Chezza to American singing hopeful: “Keep gannin’ like that pet and youse’ll have ne bother. Yer’ voice were champion.”

Singing hopeful: “What?”

Thus ends the career of Cheryl Cole in America.

Cheryl Cole

Moyes-factor: I’m struggling to draw any firm comparisons between Cheryl’s short lived stab at stateside reality stardom and the Moyes situation. Utd have already cracked America. All he really needs to do is keep RVP shooting a lot of goal-scores from outside the dangerzone and he’s golden.

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