Conspiracy Theorists Claim David Bowie Predicted The Birth Of Kanye West, And Here’s The Proof

Here we go again.

Apparently this conspiracy theory has been around for a while, but it never picked up much traction because it’s just downright ridiculous.

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However, it’s taken on a new lease of life since David Bowie passed away last week followed by the news that Kanye West is planning a David Bowie tribute album, as he feels his death marks a profound “passing of the torch” to himself.

The conspiracy itself is based on three separate factors. Here’s a run-down:

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1. Ziggy Stardust Album Cover

On the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album cover, released in 1972, David Bowie is seen posing under a sign that says K.West:

Ziggy Stardust

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The cover was photographed near Regent Street in London outside a furrier that happened to be called K.West. Just a shop sign or something more mysterious and foreboding?

Years later, David Bowie told Rolling Stone:

People read so much into it. They thought ‘K. West’ must be some sort of code for ‘quest.’ It took on all these sort of mystical overtones.

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