David Beckham Was The Victim Of This A+ Prank That Was Months In The Making (VIDEO)

This couldn’t have gone any better.

A lot of people find James Corden annoying and a bit of a try-hard, but fair play to him – he absolutely nailed this prank on David Beckham the other day.

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Everyone involved is just about subtle enough and good enough an actor to convince David Beckham that this is all for real, and that they really have commissioned this awful statue of him to be put up outside the LA Galaxy stadium.

Watch below:

Excellent stuff. I don’t blame David Beckham for getting mad though. We all have crappy photos of us taken that our friends insist on putting up on Facebook and whatnot, so imagine if someone made a horrific, deformed statue of you and stuck it outside a football stadium for the world to see.

I mean look at this thing:

So funny how he goes from polite to confused and then just full on tells the ‘artist’ that his kids would cry if they saw that crappy statue of him. His relief at the end when he finds out it’s a prank is hilarious too. Well played Corden.

Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo though, this statue of him that went up a few years back is 100% real. Yikes.


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