The Release Date For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series 7 Has Been Leaked


Winter is here.

Everyone was pretty upset when we heard that the final series of ‘Game Of Thrones’ would premiere slightly later this year, especially when we heard the flimsy excuse that it was going to be this way because it wasn’t cold enough to film anywhere now that winter had well and truly arrived.

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No information about how long the delay would take was given at the time of the announcement, and as such we were left in limbo about just when the show would be premiering. It usually starts up around April, so all we knew was that it would be after that month, but there are eight more months in the year that it could have fallen into so it wasn’t really that useful a stat.

Now though, thanks to an IMDB boo boo, it seems like we might have some idea of when we’ll be heading back to Westeros yet again:

So, there you go. June 25th isn’t SO long to wait eh? Only around ten weeks longer than usual I suppose. But then again, you’re only getting half a season this time as well and then have to wait another year for the concluding episodes. I hate it when TV series get like this, don’t you?

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