This Dashcam Footage Of The Chinese Explosion Will Make You Shit Your Pants

Tianjin Port Explosion Dashcam

Fucking full on.

You’ve probably heard about the massive Tianjin port explosion over in China a couple of days ago which has left 50 people dead, including 12 firefighters. Apparently it was a bigger explosion than any non nuclear bomb that was dropped in World War 2 which gives you some idea of how much of a ripper it was.

In case you need any more convincing though, here’s some dash cam footage of it going off. That’s a humngous bang right there – it even rivals some of the biggest explosions in history. The sky bleeds red.

You’ve gotta love the reaction of the driver too – the barrier goes up and the guard’s like ‘yeah come on in’ but he is not having any of it and just backs up.

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