Danny Dyer Posts Videos Proving Why He Should Be The Next James Bond

Danny Dyer James Bond

The name’s Dyer… Danny Fackin’ Dyer.

With the latest James Bond installment having just been released, there’s been a lot of talk and speculation over who will take over Daniel Craig in the iconic role.

But now the search is over.

Danny Dyer has taken a break from trolling Jose Mourinho and taken to Twitter to showcase his talent, proving exactly why he should be the next 007. And he has absolutely nailed it.

It’s every actor’s dream role. One of the biggest and most iconic characters in cinema history, so like when he took the piss out of the royal family using the Lipp voiceover app, he dubbed classic James Bond moments and makes them his own. I hope Hollywood are paying close attention and are already banging him into the script.

He even put himself forward for a role as a baddie:

With the talk and rumours going wild at the moment, I hope it gets nipped in the bud and announced officially that Danny is the next Bond. After watching those videos, I just can’t see anybody else doing it justice. To be honest, I haven’t even watched a Bond film for years, but this I would HAVE to see.


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