Watch Danny Dyer Beautifully Troll Jose Mourinho During Chelsea’s Defeat At Upton Park Yesterday

Jose Danny

Stellar trolling from Danny.

Jose Mourinho is having quite a rough time at the moment, but yesterday’s derby against West Ham was a real kick in the balls for the Special One.

Was it because his once world-class club lost 2-1 to their rivals, demoting them to 15th in the league? No

Was it because Matic was sent off? No.

Was that because he was sent off at half time and had to watch the second half surrounded by West Ham fans? Nope.

Was it because one of those fans was Danny Dyer? God must be a cockney in a pair of Reebok Classics because yeah, it was.

Not only was Danny side by side with the shamed manager, he seized the moment to mock Mourinho in the most Danny Dyer way imaginable, and captured the glorious moment for the world to see

‘Alright sunshine?’, so eloquent, so patronising, so fucking funny.

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