Danny Dyer Is Going To Freak Out At X-Rated Love Island Conversation About His Daughter

RIP Love Island lads.

Love Island’s Jack Fincham better hope that Danny Dyer wasn’t watching last night’s episode, because he may have just written his own death sentence.

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Jack was hanging out with a couple of the other Love Island fellas when he opened up about his sexual frustrations and wanting to get it on with Dyer’s daughter (the imaginatively named Dani Dyer).

Watch the conversation below:

Love Island viewers jumped onto Twitter to remind Jack who Dani’s dad is:

Tune into tonight’s episode when Danny Dyer turns up to the villa with a baseball bat and throttles every male within a mile radius of his daughter.

Until then, check out how much the Love Island cast are being paid to spend their summer catching rays and having sex in a Majorca villa. Wouldn’t quit my day job if I was them.


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