Danny Dyer Completely Rinsed A Fan Who Dissed The Eastenders Christmas Special

Danny Dyer Angry

Don’t mess with Danny Dyer after a few vodkas over Xmas.

As you can imagine for a man who starts drinking vodka as soon as he wakes up on Christmas Day, Danny Dyer was a little worse for wear by the time the Eastenders Christmas special rocked up. People should have known better to mess with him after seeing this tweet:

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Many may have calmed down after that, but unfortunately Danny had spotted this tweet from Alex Pym – AKA The Pymster – and decided to go in hard (and yes I know these tweets are from Boxing Day but I imagine Danny Dyer started drinking on Christmas morning and didn’t stop until the end of Boxing Day):

There was only one way for Danny to reply – by royally rinsing the shit out of him:

Ouch. If you don’t speak Cockney, then boat is short for boat race which is rhyming slang for face. So Danny is basically saying that he thinks the dog has a better face than The Pymster. Burn.

Obviously The Pymster (sorry I can’t get enough of typing that) tried to smooth over the situation by grovelling back to Danny, but I’m sure you can guess the reaction a pissed Danny Dyer gave to that. Yeah, he just ignored it and got back on it. Merry Christmas Danny – the gift that keeps on giving.

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