Massive Lad Danny Cipriani Got Hit By A Bus On A Pub Crawl In Leeds Yesterday; Obviously The Bus Came Off Worse In The Incident

Danny Cipriani

I don’t really know much about Danny Cipriani other than he seems to be a massive LAD, and this story seems to confirm every suspicion I ever had about him.

Danny Cipriani

I don’t really know much about rugby but I’ve heard of Danny Cipriani and I think he’s a badass lad/twat kinda character who’s quite sick at rugby but also a bit of a dickhead with a nice haircut. This could be completely wrong but I can’t be bothered to look it up so I’m sorry about that if I am wrong, but the mere headline of this story kinda implies he must be a massive lad/twat so I’m fairly confident I’m right about this.

I mean what the hell kind of a twat gets hit by a bus when they’re wasted in a city centre? I mean not only are they probably the biggest moving vehicle you could miss, they’re also going through the city centre so probably aren’t even going very fast so it probably wouldn’t be that hard to avoid them. Still, I guess that means Danny Cipriani must have been properly tanked which only further enhances his reputation as a massive LAD. Again I think that’s what his reputation is, not 100% sure.

Anyway, it went down like this: Danny Cipriani – who incidentally is dating Kelly Brook which clearly only contributes more to his status as a massive LAD – was on a mad pub crawl in Leeds for the Sale Sharks (who he now plays for……yeah no idea who they are either) annual night out. Sounds big. Apparently before he got hit by the bus Danny had been to a massive 16 pubs, so to be fair he must have been pretty paralytic because if there’s one thing rugby lads can do it’s drink everyone else under the table. A witness to the incident said that Danny ‘misjudged the speed of the bus as he went to cross the road.’ Diplomatic.

To be fair to Danny Cipriani though it looks like he kicked the absolute shit out of the bus. People on the bus said that the whole front right corner of the bus caved in after it smacked into the rugby player and you can see from the pictures below that he also completely smashed up the windscreen. What happened to Danny though, was he OK? Of course he was, all that happened was that he went to hospital and was treated with a concussion. Apparently today he’s feeling fine, aside from some slightly sore ribs. What an absolute LAD huh? Kicked the crap out of a bus when he fully off his face and didn’t even know about it. You can’t get much more badass than that.

Here’s a picture of him lying in the road just after the accident. He doesn’t look so good then but he probably just couldn’t stand up straight because he had drunk so much, probably nothing to do with getting hit by a bus, that shit doesn’t phase him at all.

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Danny Cipriani Hit By Bus


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