Group Of Irish Lads Meet The Real Ronaldo On Chatroulette

Ronaldo Chat RouletteRonaldo Chat Roulette

On the couple of times I actually used Chat Roulette I always thought it would be cool if I got paired with someone famous. Unfortunately I usually got paired with a bunch of erect dicks. These lads managed to get linked to the real Ronaldo though which is just crazy.

Ronaldo Chat RouletteRonaldo Chat Roulette

This happened a couple of weeks ago but it completely went over my head so apologies if you already saw it, I thought I had to write about it on Sick Chirpse because it is really weird and funny and that’s pretty much all we do on here right? So yeah anyway remember Chat Roulette? It was that stupid website where you would click a button and be randomly paired with someone else somewhere in the world for a bit of fun chat or whatever. Mostly though you just got people jerking off or a shitload of dicks or guys looking to get laid. It was kind of fun for about two hours if you were really bored but that was it. I kinda forgot it existed until now.

But yeah the couple of times I did go on it I always thought it would be really cool if you ran into someone famous on there but obviously that never happened and you just ran into a bunch of erect penises instead. That is unless you’re some kid called John Griffin who managed to come face to face with the real Ronaldo on Chat Roulette. Here’s how it went down in his own words (which don’t really seem to bear any resemblance to an actual story but whatever, I guess he was still in a state of shock after meeting the real Ronaldo on Chat Roulette, and I guess you can’t really blame the guy):

We were playing a bit of FIFA and then were on chat roulette for about 10-15 minutes. There was one guy left over. A guy came up on the screen and it said ‘location: Brazil.’ [It was Ronaldo!] He said ‘I love you guys’. He was on for about one minute – he could hear everything we said. He didn’t say much [else].

What the hell does that mean? There was one guy left over? What the hell kind of sentence is that? In any case John Griffin couldn’t actually verify that it was actually the real Ronaldo but if you check out the video below you can see that it definitely looks almost identical to him. However, I dunno if you’ve been following Ronaldo much recently but he definitely got a lot fatter and this guy looks a bit skinnier and leaner like Ronaldo in his prime. Still, it does look a lot like him. But then you have got to ask yourself what the hell the Real Ronaldo would be doing on Chat Roulette in the first place,  I mean he’s fvcking the real Ronaldo surely he has a few better things he could be doing in his retirement (like eating all of Brazil) rather than sitting on a computer on Chat Roulette? You would like to think so huh but who knows. It seems kinda retarded that someone would even try and prank someone with something like this but yeah, who knows?

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

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OK actually I just found out that it was a pre-recorded video that the real Ronaldo made back in 2010 on a twitcam and someone else had just uploaded it. Sorry for the spoilers but it’s still kind of a cool story.


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