Daniella Westbrook Is Seeking Legal Advice After Being Trolled On ‘Gogglebox’ For Being A Coke Addict

They made fun of her dissolved septum.

Sadly for Daniella Westbrook, if there’s one thing that most of the population associate her with then it’s her excessive cocaine use that resulted in the erosion of her septum and it’s something that the ‘Eastenders’ actress will probably never be able to escape from sadly as people are still making jibes about it today despite the height of it coming nearly twenty years ago.

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Westbrook herself seems determined to do something about this perception of her though, after was so recent reference to her cocaine addiction was incredibly made in the television show ‘Gogglebox’ by the Siddiqui family. Baasit was asking his father and brother whether they would prefer to have one giant eye or one giant nostril, before saying that he wouldn’t want to have one giant nostril because then he would look like Daniella Westbrook. Ouch.

Westbrook didn’t take kindly to the jibe, saying the following on her Twitter account:

Meh I dunno about this one. It’s just an offhand comment on a television show and although I concede that it obviously isn’t very nice – especially on World Kindness Day and in Anti Bullying Week – and Westbrook is probably sick and tired of hearing it over and over again, I kinda think that maybe everyone is making a major fuss over it when it isn’t really that big a deal?

Sadly for Westbrook she will always be associated with drug use because of that period in her life and that picture, but I feel like suing people for making comments about her appearance at this time isn’t going to achieve anything – surely it’s better for her to own the way that she looked and how she acted this time and appear as an example of how these problems can be overcome and an inspiration for other people experiencing similar troubles?

In fairness to Westbrook she normally performs this role admirably, but I’m not sure that still having a chip on your shoulder about it is really the best way to go about it, especially with such a small comment. Stopping bullying is a noble pursuit as well, but I feel like if you’re going to clarify this an example of bullying then you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot to eliminate this kind of culture. Good luck to her though sure.

For more of the same, check out the news that Westbrook is training to become a drugs therapist. That’s what I’m talking about.


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