Some Guy Made A Dance Track Out Of The Noises The Tesco Self Checkout Makes And It’s A Major Banger

Tesco Self Checkout

Seriously catchy.

It’s often commented that dance music is just a series of beeps and blips that anyone can create and whilst that might be true to some extent, you’ve still gotta have some kind of musical talent to make absolutely bangers like the one featured in this article.

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For some reason, a guy called Ben Suff Donk decided to record all the noises that a Tesco self checkout makes, and then use them to create a dance track. You might not think that this was going to end up being an an absolute banger, but that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be.

Take a listen to it for yourself below if you don’t believe me:

Yep, I could definitely imagine someone dropping that at a club and everyone going absolutely crazy. In fact, I bet they probably already did that this past weekend and it was completely lit. Just gotta find a video of it now.

For more dance tracks, check out this guy remixing a porn stars moans into a dance track. Can seriously do anything.


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