Guy Tries To Get A Date With Pornstar By Remixing Her Moans Into A Dance Song

Ben Wonder

This guy knows what he’s doing.

We’ve featured the dude you can see above and his desperate attempts to get a girlfriend on the site before, and he’s back again, this time trying to score a date with porn star Asa Akira.

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Incredibly, when he tweeted Asa asking her for a date – and crucially revealing that he was a ‘musician’ as well – she actually ended up replying and said that if he wrote a song about her then she would go on a date with him. Ben Wonder – unsure if that’s his real name or just a stage name – stepped up to the plate and decided to send her a dance track punctuated with her trademark moans from one of her porn movies.


Well, I feel like there’s surely no way that Asa would refuse to go on a date with him after he sent her that tune, right? Isn’t a dance track sprinkled with your fake sex noises the way to every girl’s heart? Should probably get making one myself come to think about it.

Maybe someone should tell Ben that having a girlfriend isn’t necessarily all that though – check out this prank a girl played on her boyfriend involving a cheese toastie and a dead spider. Not cool.


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