VIDEO: You’ve Seen Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, Now Check Out This Interview With Him

Dan Blizerian Interview

Dan Bilzerian talks about how sick his life is and makes you even more jealous. That motherfucker.

We posted some pictures from Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account yesterday and I’m sure everyone who saw them will have thought that this guy is literally living the dream: filthy rich and with all the guns, girls and toys you could think of to show for it. Son of a bitch.

As great as his Instagram account is though, it didn’t really give you that much insight into Dan Bilzerian himself which is why PokerTube and All In magazine thought it would be a good idea to do an interview series with him in which he talks about what he does and how sick his life is and makes everyone in the world completely jealous. Ugh. You’ll still keep watching it though.

Check out Part 1 below:

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