Dan Bilzerian Is Officially Being Sued Over Kicking A Woman In The Face

Dan Bilzerian

The week from hell just keeps getting worse for Dan Bilzerian.

As if being arrested a couple of days ago in LAX for the manufacture of illegal explosives (a crime that if convicted he could face 1-6 years in prison for) wasn’t a big enough bummer for Dan Bilzerian this week, the woman who allegedly kicked in the face on Saturday has made things a lot worse for him by officially filing a lawsuit against him.

The woman has been identified as a model from Miami named Vanessa Castano and she filed the lawsuit last night through her attorney Ketih Davidson. In it, she alleges that Bilzerian – who she describes as a ‘menacing trust fund recipient’ – was standing on the stage at the LIV nightclub in Miami and kicked her in the face with military boots, causing her to bleed from the eye.

No word yet on how much she’s suing for or any of the other details of the lawsuit, but it’s obviously going to be pissing Bilzerian off as he’s normally acting like he’s the king of the world, whereas now he’s sitting in a prison cell and just finding out that he’s getting sued for kicking a woman in the face. For his part in the incident, Bilzerian says that he was trying to break up a fight that was going on below him – obviously the two women were fighting over him – but the video doesn’t exactly show him in a good light at all.

That is of course, if it’s really him but given all the publicity about it since it went down it seems like it definitely is.


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