Dan Bilzerian Arrested And Held Without Bail At LAX Airport

Dan Bilzerian

Not even Dan Bilzerian can get out of this one.

You would probably think this was something to do with Dan Bilzerian kicking a girl in the face the other night at a Miami nightclub, but although he was returning from Miami through LAX it’s actually a completely different matter altogether.

Dan was picked up by cops as he touched down and it’s understood that the warrant is for ‘possessing or manufacturing illegal explosive devices’. The warrant was issued by Clark County, Nevada and to be fair if you watch videos like the one below it definitely sounds like something that Dan Bilzerian might be up to.

It looks as if time might have run out for the self proclaimed King Of Instagram and all his macho bullshit might finally be catching up with him. As of late last night he was still being held without bail at the airport, which suggests that the U.S. police force are taking this very seriously. He also will have to deal with a lawsuit from that woman he allegedly kicked in the face. I’m sure he won’t let all this stuff stop him from having a blast though.


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