Dan Bilzerian Does Stupidest Ice Bucket Challenge Yet Featuring Babes, Guns And Goats

Dan Bilzerian Ice Bucket Challenge

The people’s champion does it again.

Dan Bilzerian actually did the ice bucket challenge a couple of days ago but it was pretty poor by his standards (sure it had some girls and some goats but he should be doing way better, I’ve included it at the bottom if you want to check it out though) and we didn’t feature it because like I said yesterday when we talked about Charlie Sheen’s, we weren’t going to do them because they were boring.

However, Dan Bilzerian must have read my mind because he posted this one shortly afterwards of two members of his entourage – Tatum Miranda and Jenn Morillo –  doing the ice bucket challenge and it’s definitely the dumbest one that I’ve seen so far. It involves all your favourite things to do with Dan Bilzerian – girls, guns, goats and rooftops – and well, I dunno see for yourself.



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