Dan Bilzerian Calls Hero Marine A ‘Retard’ For Slating His Actions During Vegas Massacre

Dan Bilzerian

Monday bore witness to the worst mass shooting in United States history and the King Of Instagram Dan Bilzerian was caught in the middle of it.

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Being completely obsessed with social media and likes and follows, Dan of course decided to upload a video of himself running around Vegas during the shooting and this was met with derision from war veteran Dakota Meyer, who argued that Dan was a coward for not doing anything to help and exploiting the event for his own gain by filming it. Gotta say I kinda agree with him.

Predictably though, Dan Bilzerian himself wasn’t too happy about being called out on his actions and had his own response for Meyer – a medal of owner winner – labelling him a retard:

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So I wake up this morning and the news is talking s*** saying that some marine was saying that I was a p**** for running away and I should have stood my ground.

So if we follow that retard’s logic we’d probably have 600 dead if everyone stood their ground.

Again, he does have a point but I think the part of it that upset Meyer the most was that Dan was filming it – you can’t really argue with that. Not sure anyone really actually cares about these guys calling each other names though, so hopefully this can be the end of it and Dan Bilzerian can go back to being that annoying asshole that we all hate but would love to be for just one day.

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