Daisy Lowe Faces The Sack After This Video Ended Up On A Popular Adult Site (VIDEO)

Daisy Lowe Lapdance

Strictly Come Dancing are not happy.

A new clip of Daisy Lowe performing a lapdance style routine has potentially put her new spot on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in jeopardy, as the producers worry that the footage could taint the family image of the series.

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The clip was made as part of a campaign for Esquire and it sees the model dancing around in her underwear and generally making a tit of herself.

To be fair to her, not only is there no nudity, but it was made over seven years ago. If they’re going to kick off about anything, worry about all of the topless modelling she’s done in the past. And surely it’s going to boost ratings, not damage them.

The video has been doing the rounds again recently and has even become popular on porn websites. Maybe that could be a new career venture for her? I’d definitely watch.

I wonder if Daisy’s going to even make it to the end of the series without aspects of her dirty past ruining it? She’s already had her boobs heavily edited to make them more ‘family friendly’.


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