Watch The Most Irresponsible Dad EVER Use A Full Sized Commercial Helicopter To Rip Out Son’s Tooth

helicopter remove tooth

How inventive.

A dad came up with a pretty inventive way to get rid of his son’s loose tooth recently – by using a fully sized commercial helicopter.

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Rick Rahim from Virginia, who is a helicopter pilot, decided to sack off the old door handle and string trick and instead took advantage of his vehicle access as a way to yank his 7-year-old son Carson’s tooth out.

Can’t believe that kid doesn’t even seem to look scared. When you’re a kid the thought of losing a tooth was obviously a way more normal thing but I still didn’t want anyone yanking them out and particularly not using a highly dangerous aircraft vehicle to do it.

Rahim did assure at the end that the circumstances were safe though and that he has 13 years of experience behind him. So that’s basically his way of saying ‘don’t try this at home’.

I don’t know, I’d still be dubious just to have any part of me attached to a helicopter. Those things can be proper deathtraps you know. To check out the most bizarre and terrifying helicopter crash of all time, click HERE.


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