Not Sure If Serious: Birmingham Rapper D4nny Releases Music Video ‘Goodbye’


Is D4nny’s ‘Goodbye’ a hilarious parody or an actual attempt at making music? Watch the video and tell us.

16-year-old D4nny has racked up over half a million views in just over a week with his music video ‘Goodbye’, which is either an incredibly funny parody or a so-bad-it’s-good attempt at actually making music. After multiple viewings, we’re still not sure.

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The video begins with a despondent looking D4nny plopping himself down in the corner of a shopping centre café. He then starts rapping what can only be described as a suicide anthem, reeling off a list of goodbyes to the people who hated him, loved him and trusted him, as the camera switches back and forth between him sat in the café and standing in the middle of nowhere.


The song ends when he symbolically throws the white flag he’s randomly carrying down a small hill/ leaves the café.

What do we think? Is D4nny for real or not? Good on him either way.

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