Cyclist Suddenly Finds Himself Riding Through Illegal Rave

Cyclist Interrupts Rave

The rave was so huge that police were literally unable to shut it down.

Some dude called Rich and his buddy Tim thought that instead of enjoying a bank holiday like a normal person i.e. getting bang on it, that they would go for a nice morning bike ride in the Devil’s Dyke in the South Downs National Park near Brighton, but unfortunately for him his plans were scuppered by the fact that everyone else had decided to get bang on it and hold an illegal rave in the Devil’s Dyke.

Fortunately for us, Tim was filming his bike ride for some reason so you get to see the rave emerge in real time. It really is kinda surreal when you see them riding through the park with absolutely nobody around and then suddenly they’re in the middle of a humongous rave with a bunch of people dancing and rushing their tits off, as well as sitting around on the floor smoking cigarettes of course.

Tim and Rich are quite obviously squares though from their comments in the video – ‘this is fucking bizarre’ and my personal favourite ‘there’s no way this is official’ – so instead of getting off their bikes and joining in like a normal person they just ride through it and get in everyone’s way and piss most people off. Noobs.

Apparently the rave was so huge that over 2000 people turned up in over 400 vehicles for it and everyone raved for close to 48 hours. The police tried to shut it down multiple times too but were unable to because there simply weren’t enough officers to deal with all those dirty ravers. Sounds like my kind of party.

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