Cuomo Plays Slideshow Of Himself Touching & Kissing People To Prove He Doesn’t Sexually Harass Women

I can’t believe he thought this would work.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was something of a hero last year with his head-on approach to tackling the pandemic (even though he was later accused of misreporting Covid deaths and threatening officials to cover up discrepancies in the data).

Recently, his profile has changed after being accused of sexual harassment by 11 women – including grabbing them in inappropriate places, and dragging his finger from one woman’s neck to her butt. He thought a great way of addressing the allegations would be to release a slideshow of himself touching & kissing everyone he meets (which is super spreader behaviour too if you think about):

I’m not sure why he thought releasing this montage would help him, but then no one ever accuses politicians of having their fingers on the pulse. I mean I get what he’s going for obviously, but he’s basically saying if you’re old, young, black, white, male, female, gay or straight – he’s happy to touch you inappropriately. I mean if you’re sexually harassing everyone, then you’re not sexually harassing anyone, right? He’s just trying to make you feel at ease, and if a finger slips down to your butt crack in the process, then he’s sorry that you misunderstood his intentions. How did no one on his team watch this and step in to tell him what a crazy defense it is?

In any case, no one wants to be hugged, kissed or even shake hands in the year 2021. Of all people you’d think Mr. Pandemic Andrew Cuomo would know that, but apparently not. Oh well, we get the politicians we deserve.

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