Cuban Pig Gives Birth To Bizarre One-Eyed Monkey Creature After Genetic Mutation

Pig monkey

DNA leak.

A little piglet over in Cuba has become a local celebrity thanks to its bizarre facial features that make it look like a monkey.

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The strange creature was born with only one eye and brown coloured hair, even though the rest of its siblings came out looking like regular pigs. The owner describes how he called the vet over as soon as he saw the monkey-pig being born.

Pig monkey

Since then, the animal has become rather popular with villagers in the San Juan and Martinez area of Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province. Its unusual appearance is said to be caused by a genetic mutation, although this has not been confirmed yet. Blood samples have been taken to investigate how the strange piglet came to be.

Or maybe there’s another explanation. I mean, we all know that pig and elephant DNA just won’t splice, but maybe monkey and pig DNA will. Perhaps someone’s been messing about trying to create a pig-monkey hybrid and this creature is the result… you never know.

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