CSKA Moscow Fans Injured In ‘Apocalyptic’ Escalator Collapse In Rome (VIDEO)


Seriously dangerous.

When a bunch of people are heading to a football match in a foreign city, it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a bit of a strain on public transport but almost 100% of the time we can rely on those services to withstand the onslaught of several thousand people using them at once.

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Unfortunately though there is that 1% of the time when things can’t take the pressure and that’s when you see videos like the below emerging. It’s taken in the run up to last night’s Champion’s League game between Roman and CSKA Moscow in the Italian capital on the subway at the Repubblica – Teatro dell’Oper station.

The video shows a bunch of CSKA fans travelling down the escalator when it suddenly speeds up and hurtles people down to the bottom, leaving them all to tumble down to the bottom and pile up on each other in what can only be described as apocalyptic scenes:

Yeowch – when the hell does that ever happen? Seriously grim scenes the likes of which you only ever really see in a big budget disaster movie.

Apparently nobody was killed but 30 fans were injured with seven of them seriously injured and the Russian embassy are pretty annoyed about. Not sure how annoyed they can legitimately be though considering that the malfunction was allegedly caused by CSKA fans jumping up and down on the escalator in the first place. That might not be true but there’s no smoke without fire in these things. The main thing is that everyone is OK because that really could have ended up being a horrific incident. Preach.

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