WATCH: Guy Gets Foot Chopped Off In Another Chinese Escalator Accident

Guy Gets Foot Chopped Off Escalator

This footage might be distressing for some so view discretion is advised.

There has been a recent spate of escalator related accidents in China with some people actually dying due to malfunctions with them.

This guy wasn’t quite that unlucky, although losing your foot isn’t exactly the best day at the office for anyone involved. He was working as a cleaner in a shopping mall in Shaghai when he was mopping up the escalator and it suddenly collapsed, causing his foot to get trapped in it. He was immediately taken to hospital but unfortunately they couldn’t save his foot and it had to be amputated. Absolute bummer, although on the positive side at least he won’t ever be subjected to the barbaric Chinese foot binding again.

This is the third video of an ‘escalator incident’ this week and hopefully it will highlight that these machines need to be regularly serviced over there because stuff like this can’t keep happening. It’s already estimated that there have been 73 deaths and 82 injuries involving escalators in China this year alone so there clearly is a problem with them and it needs to be sorted fast before it claims more lives.

Don’t watch this video if you’re feeling faint or anything because it is quite graphic and might tip you over the edge. Also you probably don’t want to watch it if you regularly use escalators.

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