This Cry Baby Called The Police After Being Served The Wrong Tea At A Restaurant

What a stupid way to waste everyone’s time.

Yeah, getting served the wrong thing at a café sucks slightly, but you normally just move past it and deal with it like a normal person – maybe by ordering something else or going to another place. One man decided that it was a better idea to completely lose his shit by calling the police for getting served the wrong teabag flavour. What a fucking moron.


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Roberto Lattarulo ordered ‘lemongrass and ginger tea’ and was served ‘lemon and ginger tea’ instead (to most of us this is the same fucking thing) so thought this warranted calling 999. He said:

I can understand that getting the wrong teabag was just human error. But the waitress insisted to me that I had been served the correct thing.

She took me behind the service counter and then realised the teabags didn’t match the label on the jar, so I was right.

Bitch please. The only thing missing from the label was ‘grass’ and who drinks grass anyway?


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He was then asked to leave when he took to TripAdvisor to give the café a bad review and when he refused, decided to call the police who obviously didn’t help, calling it a civil matter.

Speaking on the whole event, Roberto said:

It was totally unprofessional and I will never be back again. I’m a senior TripAdvisor contributor and I am true to my word.

Well, you’ve been warned. Can we expect a TripAdvisor army to attack the café like these guys did?


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