Unreal Video Of Crocodile Catching Cheetah Slacking As It Drinks Water (NSFL Footage)

One of the rarest wildlife moments ever caught on camera.

Every animal has its role to play in the circle of life, and this footage taken at a live South African safari by WildEarth is a harsh reminder of that reality. It’s also up there with some of the rarest wildlife moments ever caught on camera.

As a male cheetah cub approaches a waterhole to quench his thirst, an opportunistic crocodile lurking nearby leaps from the water and, well, does what a crocodile does:

Brutal stuff. The tour guide saw it coming from a mile away and even he was shocked by what he saw. Sad and hard to watch for sure, especially the other cheetahs wanting to help but knowing they couldn’t. A cheetah’s superpower is its speed – getting the hell away as quickly as possible. When ambushed at a split second’s notice by a powerful, hungry crocodile? It’s game over every time.

On the plus side, the gazelles will be pretty happy about this. It’s easy to look at that cheetah as just a thirsty kitty looking for water but it’s capable of the same brutality that crocodile is. Still, gut-wrenching to watch the other cheetahs’ reactions, even if the optimist in you is happy that the crocodile won’t go hungry.

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