This Video Of Cristiano Ronaldo Selling A Weird Japanese Beauty Product Is The Most Awkward Thing Ever

Cristiano Ronaldo Japanese Beauty Product

Why the hell does Ronaldo need to do this?

For some reason, Cristiano Ronaldo thought that it would be a good idea to star in an advent for a completely bizarre Japanese beauty product called the Facial Fitness Pro. I don’t know why he thought this could possibly have been a good idea because surely he doesn’t need the money and surely it’s just going to make everyone in Japan think he’s really weird – although they are bonkers over there so maybe they’ll actually think he’s a really cool guy, despite what anyone else watching the advert might think.

The product is some kind of weird bendy tube that you stick in your mouth and wiggle up and down. I’m assuming this is to exercise your face and neck muscles to give you an awesome jawline, although even if you get one of these things you’re gonna look like a complete idiot using it if you go out in public with it.

Ronaldo Japanese Beauty Product

To be fairy to Ronaldo he looks kind of cool in the advert – probably because he doesn’t actually have to use one of these things himself in it – but in an appearance he recently made on Japanese television to promote it he looks completely shocked and puzzled when the presenter uses it in front of him, which probably isn’t the best ration to have considering he’s meant to be endorsing it. Maybe they just photoshopped him into the advert.

Regardless of this, we all know Ronaldo is a good guy so maybe we should give him a break over this one error? Nah, come on – if he’s gonna promote something as dumb as this then he definitely needs to get rinsed. Check it out below.


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