Cristiano Ronaldo Bicycle Kicks Himself In The Face

Cristiano Ronaldo Overhead Kick

Even when you’re the best player in the world you still screw up sometimes.

Football was back this weekend and it totally ruled. Most people were probably watching the Premiership and seeing some great debuts from players like Van Wolfswinkel and Bony (and not such good debuts from players like Jozy Altidore – why the hell would anyone have him in their Sick Chirpse Fantasy Football Team huh?) but if you stayed in the pub after all the Premier League games finished then you may have been treated to some La Liga action.

Barcelona spanked Levante 7-0 and Real Madrid just about managed to see Real Betis off thanks to a goal from Isco on his league debut really near the end of the match (they won 2-1) and it looks like La Liga is going to be straight race between those two AGAIN, which might be slightly interesting but will probably in reality be fairly boring. Glorified Scottish league and all that, you know?

Anyway, the Real Madrid match was notable for one other event during it which you can see below. At some point during the match Cristiano Ronaldo went for the spectacular – like he so often doe – and attempted an overhead kick. And why not? He’s probably scored a few of them and he’s definitely good enough to go for it.

However, even the greats of the game screw stuff up sometime and Ronaldo messed this one up pretty spectacularly as he somehow managed to kick the ball in his own face whilst executing the overhead kick. Ouch. And he looked pretty stupid while he was doing it. Still, he managed to get a corner out of it somehow. I guess the referee probably couldn’t believe that Ronaldo could have failed so spectacularly so figured it must have probably hit someone else. Some people get all the luck huh?

Check out the video below, there’s A GIF too:

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Ronaldo Bicycle Kick


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