Criminals Handcuffed To Each Other Try To Escape But End Up Running Into A Tree (VIDEO)

In Brazil, even the trees are undercover police.

Two drug dealers being transported to a police station over in Brazil are going viral after an escape attempt that was destined to fail from the start, mainly because the dumbasses were handcuffed to each other.

The two men are removed from the trunk of the police SUV (I guess that’s how they do it over in Brazil), and ended up going from one trunk to another:

Straight up Saturday morning-style cartoon laughter. I’m actually surprised they got as far as they did given they only had like a split-second headstart and one of them hesitated at the pivotal moment the escape attempt began.

It also looks as though the policeman chasing them was about to draw his gun, so who knows? Maybe that tree saved their lives. Although I’m sure they both died a little bit inside when the cobwebs cleared and they realised they’d just run into an undercover police tree. Brutal.

Here’s a bonus clip of a similar failed escape over in New Zealand a few years back:


For the Torquay drug dealer who tried to tried to escape police (and failed) by sitting naked on his roof, click HERE.


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